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Physical Rehabiliation

What is it? How does it help? and How do I become a patient?

What is Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabiliation is designed by the human science of physical therapy. It is designed to assist in helping improve the following functions; flexability, quality of movement and increase muscle function. Through modalities, such as the underwater treadmill, and exercises, physical therapy can benefit your pet in a variety of ways.

Who benefits from Physical Rehabiliation?

Almost all pets at one point in their life can benefit from physical rehabiliation. From major orthopedic concerns to minor sprains and strains, rehab can benefit your pet and increase their healing rate dramatically. Rehab works with orthopedic cases, neurological cases, obesity conditioning and sports conditioning. Physical rehabiliation can reduce injury recovery time, reduce risk of re-injury and get your pet back on track quickly and as pain free as possible.

How do I become a patient?

If you think your pet would benefit from physical rehab or you are a veterinarian looking to partner with your patient, online rehab referrals forms are found at the bottom of the page. Willow Grove Animal Wellness Centre is 100% veterinary referral based and requires you to have a signed referral form from your veterinarian before a consulation can be booked.

Assistive Devices

Assistive Devices are tools that can be very helpful to prevent compensation injury or assist when surgery is not an option. At Willow Grove we uniquely offer this service for clients and cast and fit the braces and wheelchairs. We also believe that supporting local companies is important so we partnered with a local company to fabricate the braces for us so we have a full customizable brace. These braces can have fun colours and are designed to assist with your pets specific needs. Adding a bracing device can be helpful in rehab but veterinary referral is still required and it is recommended to do rehab continuously to assist in the best possible prognosis. Are you another rehab professional seeking a brace? Feel free to reach out and we can collaborate.

Modalities and Exercises

Underwater Treadmill

The underwater treadmill uses bouyency, surface tension, heat and tubulence to assist each patient in a variety of different ways. Neurological patients can gain confidence and function while orthopedic patients can release pressure off of their joints and increase extension and flexion of their joints. It is an important tool used in a variety of condioning and regular exercise too. We are excited to have one in our facility!

Exercise Equipment

We use a variety of equipment designed for animals specifically to use during sessions. You can expect your dog to possibly weave through poles or balance on balls. Exercises are used to gain control of motion and build muscle through isometric movement. Some of these exercises will be given for you to do homework. Doing the homework is also an excellent way to build your bond with your dog and once a challenge is mastered, your pet ends the session feeling acomplished and successful. All these exercises are designed to be a fun interactive experience.

E-Stim and Laser

E-STIM or electrical muscle stimulation is not as shocking as it sounds. It uses small electrical pulses to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation and pain. Primarily we use E-STIM in neurlogical patients but can use the TENS setting often with pain control in orthopedic and neurological patients as well. Laser on the other hand uses photobiomodulation to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation and pain. Laser can also be used simutaneously with E-STIM to accomplish enhanced results. Laser uses light instead of electricity to accomplish very similar things. We use a Class 3B therapeutic laser to help inflammation, increase blood flow and help re-establish neurological pathways.

Looking for a Referral Form?

Please click the link below to download our referral form. If you are veterinarian, please send all medical records and signed referral form to kelsey@willowgroveawc.ca


Referral Form