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Boarding- Rehabilitation- Daycare

Services We Offer

We are proud to offer a variety of services for your pets. See the overview of services below and let us know if you have questions.


We provide a variety of services during your pets stay with us for one daily price. Click the icon to learn more about our boarding services and all the excitement your pet will experience.

Physical Rehabilitation

I am proud to offer this service in Brant, Oxford and Norfolk County. If your pet is having mobility issues please feel free to contact me to figure out if we can help. Click the icon to learn more about the benefits of rehabilitation. Please note Veterinary referral may be required.

Doggy Daycare

Why not let us exercise your dog for you? Don’t worry about what your dog is up to at home alone. We have pre-paid punch cards available to make drop off and pick up quick so you can continue with your busy schedule!

Nail Trims

We offer professional nail trimming here at Willow Grove. If your cat or dog is nervous we will try our best to make sure that they feel comfortable. We even can come to your home to make sure that we minimize stress. It’s important to have regular nail trims to make sure your dog or cat can properly function. If nails are too long, animals can feel painful, slip, injure themselves and can even create permanent damage. Call to book your appointment today.


Dr Sarah Heath offers Canine Chiropractics here at Willow Grove. Dr. Sarah is a skilled professional that can help your pet get started back on track to pain free. Whether arthritic, slips and falls or just chronic pain, Sarah is here to help. Click below to go to her website and learn more!

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We offer select items for sale in our main office. Brands include Royal Canin, BeOneBreed, Greenies, Feliway/Adaptil and we will soon be carrying supplimentation and rehabilitation assistive devices. If you are looking for something specific we can likely do a special order for you. Let us know how we can help you!

Price List

Boarding – $28.00/ night

Daycare- $18.00/ Day

Rehab- Price Varies

Chriopractic Care- Price Varies

Nail Trim- $10.00

Medical care- Always included in boarding price.

*All prices are subject to HST*